Hello! I’m Sarah, a web designer and developer living in Salisbury, Wiltshire. I have a growing interest in web development and more specifically with how design and development should fit together and be responsive, as the scope of technology grows and grows. I also believe user experience is key to any web application.

In my final year at Plymouth I was awarded an ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers) membership with Merit in the Student Awards 2012. I also won a competition to design a conference identity (Leading Innovation Through Design) for the Design Management Institute.

In September 2012 I started work as a graphic/web designer for a leading digital agency for the publishing industry. I enjoy designing Magento, WordPress and custom websites and iOS apps and am quickly expanding my knowledge of CSS, HTML, PHP, Javascript and responsive frontend web development. While I do work full-time, I am also always interested in hearing about any additional freelance opportunities!

I want this blog to be a showcase of my work but also a record of my explorations of design, web development and just creativeness in general, really. This is a space for side-projects and my thoughts as I continue finding my way in the working world.

I also love strawberries.

Things that help(ed) me build this site—and others

People who make work I love

  • Jessica Hische
    A letterer and illustrator, Jessica inspires me with everything she does. I think she has a great attitude to work and life, and her skill is second-to-none. I particularly like browsing through her side projects.
  • John Mawby
    John was a coursemate of mine at university and is now a lettercutter, having undertaken an apprenticeship at the Cardozo Kindersley workshop in Cambridge after graduating. I just love everything he crafts—beautifully—in wood and in stone. Be sure to check out his Instagram which has lots of in-progress shots, as well as his website.