Canon EOS 600D

I’ve wanted an SLR camera for as long as I remember, and I finally bought one last week.

My new camera is a Canon EOS 600D. I spent quite a long time choosing between Nikon and Canon, and in the end just decided I preferred the feel and user interface of the Canon models. I also nearly bought the Canon EOS 1100D but ended up splashing out a bit more mainly because the 1100D just seemed a bit low-spec for the times. If I get into photography, I’d probably want to upgrade the 1100D quite quickly – hopefully the 600D will stand me in better stead in the long term.

My Flickr account is here, I’ll be uploading all my photos there.

I think I’d also really like to get a macro lens sooner rather than later as I’d love to be able to take really crisp close-up photos, the kit lens is giving me slightly blurry close-up photos of flowers, but maybe that is something to do with my technique! I have so much to learn.

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