RAW – Shooting and editing photos

I’ve spent my Saturday learning more about my Canon EOS 600D and its different features. I’ve been researching the best workflow to use when it comes to shooting and processing photos, and I am a lot clearer on this than I was this morning! The conclusion I’ve reached is:

  1. I’m going to shoot in RAW only
  2. Then transfer my RAW files on to my computer and organise into folders
  3. Import RAW files into my Adobe Lightroom catalog
  4. Edit my photos in Lightroom
  5. Export my edits as JPEGs

I defy anyone to watch Jared Polin’s RAW vs JPEG videos and not be persuaded to shoot in RAW. The only thing putting me off was the large filesizes but if I have to buy a bit more storage, so be it! I also turned off all the processing features on my camera (like Noise Reduction, Auto Lighting Optimiser, etc.) because I wanted the previews to look as close to the RAW files would as possible.

I also downloaded Adobe Lightroom 4 today and it looks great, exactly the kind of thing I wanted for organising my files and editing in RAW. The fact that Lightroom lets you view all your editing history and go back to different points in time in (even after you’ve quit and reopened) and keeps the original RAW files untouched is really reassuring and makes things very flexible. (Maybe I should be on commission?!)

I’ve been experimenting with RAW and editing in Lightroom today and uploaded the before/after files on to Flickr here, it definitely shows the difference a bit of editing can make.

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